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Whenever I get new card, the first thing I do is to compare it to my old card to see how much performance I gain (or not). This time, its GTX 780 ACX vs GTX 780 Ti ACX. Both quiet, both fast. Both not so great overclockers. My game stable clocks on 780 were 1163/3251 @ 1.187v. I am still in process of determining game stable clocks for Ti, but after few days I'm pretty sure I didn't win the silicone lottery this time: it looks like my Ti is going to be @ 1175/3900 @ 1.175. Somewhat disappointing GPU clocks, however, memory is outstanding on this card, it is truly stable at 7800Mhz effective.

Anyways, just wanted to share my findings as usual. You are looking at two cards with 24/7 stable clocks on air. Ti is flashed with Skyn3t BIOS. 780 is stock BIOS, it was never throttling at those clocks. Ti is heavily throttling on stock BIOS.

GTX 780 ACX vs GTX 780 Ti ACX
Nvidia 331.65 drivers
Windows 8.1 professional
Rest of the specs in sig.

Fancy chart 1:

Fancy chart 2, min FPS:

Synthetics, part 1:

Synthetics, Heaven and Valley:

Overall, Ti is 16% faster than my old card across the board. It can be 20% faster @ 1440p in games with hefty level of SSAA, when bandwidth comes into play (375GB/sec on Ti). Both cards have exact same cooler. Ti is little louder, but still plenty quiet compared to reference Titan cooler. Both great cards.

Settings/screenshots - GTX 780
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Settings/screenshots - GTX 780 Ti Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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