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no it isnt. a pump top is mainly to use fittings with the d5 pump. MAINLY, but some want the 5% extra performance of the top vs stock

Since I'm getting the g1/4 tapped one I'm probably going to pass on a top.

What's is there a quantity limit to fans on a fan controller channel or just a wattage limit?

I.e. Can I have my 6 top fans on 1 channel as long as They are under the wattage?
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Tops are also for aesthetics, but if you don't care for that a top is not really that necessary.

And yes, you can have as many fans as you like on one channel, but you have to watch the wattage and amperage with that many fans on one channel (I'm guessing it's a 30W channel). If there is too much power being pulled you might burn out the controller or cause incorrect voltages to be pulled by it, and cause issues with the fans.
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