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Two GTX570's in a Dell T5400 (Heat Issue)

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Well hello ladies and gents;

Im new to this particular community but am excited to exchange knowledge and hope for some advice on my current situation!

System Specs:
Dell T5400
DUAL Xeon e5410's
OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SSD (Main Drive)
x2 Seagate 7200.12 250GB in RAID 0 on Marvell RAID card (For the hell of it)
Seagate 2TB drive (Media Storage)
x2 Galaxy GTX 570 in SLi *using HyperSLi 1.0*
XPS 730 1000w power supply
Windows 8.1 x64 PRO

The Problem:
Obviously, there is alot packed in this case for what it is and its quite typical to see it produce alot of heat. The biggest situation is the PCIe x16 slot spacing. These mobo's are setup for single slot cards, not double's; so the top card's fan is about 1/8th of an inch from the bottom card thus giving it virtually no air flow. At idle its fine, they both run under ~50.C. I have both card's BIOS's tweaked to run the fan's at 95% at all time with a max of 100%. When playing mid-range game's, say like Counter-Strike:GO the bottom card will run about ~72.C, and the top card will climb to about ~83.C. However, when playing something a bit more performance needy say like Battlefield 4 on High/Ultra @ max reso's, the bottom card will reach around ~82.C, and the top card will reach about ~95.C.

What i know, and what i've tried:

- The bottom card is set to primary, considering it has better airflow, figuring the #1 card more than likely run's harder continuously.
- I used a small rubber grommet in between both cards to 'wedge' them slightly apart, which showed an almost ~10.C temp change.
- I've pushed PhysX to the bottom (#1 card) to take as much load as possible off the top card, with no change.
- Tried running the top card in single-mode without SLi, and it still gets hot.
- Swapped card's place's with no change in top card
- (Sarcastic list) YES i know this is a workstation PC, not built for these cards. I much appreciate in advance the advice to upgrade to a better machine, retro swap case's, or just sell both card's to get a single with equal performance. However thats not what i want to do right now!

What i've thought of to fix the issue:

- Swap to a pair of L5420's vs the E5410's considering they are 50W vs 85W proc's, and produce substantially less heat ( i have a pair available from a friend a few state's away)
- Question about water cooler, if it is possible to run all of the needed water cooling accesories obviously except for the GPU block's outside of the case. (i've never looked into water-cooling)
- Find a different type of heatsink that would fit these cards with more fan's; an upgraded fan etc, or some type of custom fan mounting ideas for better air flow

Well, there are probably some more details in there but i'll shutup now. Honestly, any advice on this is appreciated. The system is running stable so far with it like this, but i surely dont like to abuse hardware.. and if i can even get these things to cool down 8.C under solid load i would be super happy.

Thanks again in advance-
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Hey John,

First off, welcome to OCN smile.gif

Do you have any way of maybe getting a fan on the side panel? even if you getto mod it on there, i have 2 660Ti's on a Sabertooth Z77 and they did get quite warm, i added a fan to the side of my case and dropped the temps down big time. If you can't get one on the side, maybe get a fan pushing from the front over the cards? Just try and do something to get some cold air on the cards! Failing that, you might have to look into getting yourself a new case with some more airflow? problem with tight cases is airflow.

Let me know if you need any help!

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Thanks for the reply, and the welcome!

Right now, i have this epic rubber grommet separating the cards like i had said. Its not the greatest of ideas, but its a temporary fix.

Thats actually a great idea, im not sure why i didnt think of getting two fans on the side of the case. I could go pickup two 80mm radiocrap fans, a huge hole-saw, a few mounting holes and see how it does. Im just really curious as of to how it will do if i remove that grommet. Cause with out it, the top card's fan is outrageously close to the bottom card.

I really think if i could manage to find which GPU heatsink/fan combo's from other card's can retro fit onto mine would help me greatly. If anyone knows if all the 570 boards are identical regardless of manufacturer, i would appreciate it.. cause i could look into maybe something with triple fans, vs the single my Galaxy has.
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Well, looks like i solved the issue. A bit of elbow grease and some Frankensteining, and voila! I stay under 80*C under load! Here are some pics.. Picked up two 80mm fan's from radiocrap, and a hole saw from ACE. Man these steel case's are heavy duty!

Thanks again!!!!
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Good job and it looks cool to. I think sometimes just sharing the problem lets you look at it better. And the people here have lots of experiance and ideas to help the thoughts line up. Very well done.
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Awesome job, mate! Glad it worked out well for you!
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