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I have a problem with my HD6770. It is the version which runs at 775/1000MHz. The voltage is tweaked down to 1.125V from original 1.2V from manufactor. I flashed the bios with the bios from the 850/1200MHz,1.2V model and the card went bricked (more of that ---> .
So i used the atiflash, which thankfully detected the card in second PCI-E slot and flashed the original bios, from manufactor`s site.
From that point I`m able to get stable core at 900MHz, with 66°C. Earlier i couldn`t get it stable at 785Mhz, because it was crashing.
Now, my RAM still won`t clock, maybe 5MHz after that it becomes unstable.

The question is, what to do? I`m sure, that the V-limit of 1.125V is there for purpuse, not to get higer frequencies.
How to volt mod this card to get to 1.2V, so i could raise GPU and hopefully RAM some more?

I`v read RBE manual and since the card has no ofered values, it sais that it will most likely freeze if I change the previously set voltages in Power play structure. I also have no option in Voltage register.

I sure don`t wanna brick my card again, using bios from another model 6770 Gigabyte card.

There are absolutely no options of voltage tweaking, not in Afterburner, not in Trixx, not in every other tool i used.

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