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So, I just received my 900D, and did an unboxing video on it here
Gotten quite a mixed feedback on this video. its about 50/50 if people love it or hate it so far. Nothing inbetween tongue.gif

I can't start modding it yet, as I don't have time (exams and such coming up). I only got it now because a website was having sales and I got it for about $100 less than full price.

I have a few plans, but any input would be awesome.

So far I have:

- Stealth BluRay drive w/button.

Here I just take apart one 5.25" bay cover, and stick it to the front of my Blu Ray disk drive. This way it will look as if there isn't anything, until you press the button on the drive, and the whole bay cover comes out.

- Stealth LED switch. (All lights (white (and/or blue?)))

I have already found a very nice place for a switch. Something like this.
Basically, the placement if down below the front 120mm fans, slightly to the left, where you have the HDD bays. I'd have enough space to hide all wires going to the back of the cabinet. (Not my first build that has manual electrical circuits, so no need telling me its unsafe, I know all this, I've gone to school for it)

- Stealth Headset hider. (inside or outside case (but still stealth), needs good solution regarding cable)

I want to also have a place somewhere on/in the case where I can store my headset (Sennheiser PC 360). On my current PC, I made an external headset holder that you can slide in and out of the case, though it isn't invisible, and this would not work with the stealth mod theme I'm going with this time. I need some input here.

Thanks for any and all input/help, and feel free to come with suggestions or other input on this build.

I'd also like input on what color LEDs to use, and maybe even where in the cabinet.

My current build (the components that would affect lightning) has a fairly blue motherboard (Asus P8Z68-V Pro), blue Ram Kingston HyperX, a soundcard with a bright white LED Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro. The build also has a Corsair H80.

Other than this, I have 4 Corsair AF120 fans that I'm going to install. Don't know where though, and don't yet know which color Rings to use. Either white or Blue.

That should be all affecting the colors of the inside, so any input on White or Blue LEDs, and even where to place them would be fantastic smile.gif

I've posted a very similar post to this at another forums, but got hardly any help, Only people "yelling" at me that I don't neither need nor deserve a 900D with specs like this, and no plans on watercooling. I did get a total of 1 helpful advice, which was to use Velcro to fasten the 5.25" bay cover to the Optical drive. If you have a better solution still, please tell smile.gif

Again, Thanks for everything to those who contribute to this thumb.gif