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[Build log] Midvinter, Bitfenix watercooling venture

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(Haven't been online here in ages, I don't know what I'm doing anymore!)

So the time has come for me to venture in the wild lands of Case modding and watercooling once again. And as my companion this time I have chosen the Bitfenix Prodigy chassi, it's a fairly large mITX (it's quite small compared to lets say a normal midi-tower chassi) and I've decided to fit an entire 2 radiator loop in there.

The name of the build, Midvinter, is a swedish word meaning Mid winter, and that is also going to be the theme for the final computer. Sweden is geographically placed at the same latitude as Canada and Alaska, making our winters quite harsh, it's dark almost all day, it's snowy and it's cold. When searching for the products for the case I've tried to have a kind of artistic connection to these when picking parts, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the end product will deliver the feel I desire.

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-i Deluxe (I chose this mainly because at the time of purchase it was the baddest of bad ass mITX motherboards for the LGA1155 socket on the market, also the blue tones match my theme)

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k (It get's the job done!)

Memory: Corsair Vengeance something 8gb (This will probably get swapped to 16 gb of Corsair Dominator platinums later on as the build progresses but for now they will stay)

PSU: Corsair AX760 (I think it's the most powerfull PSU you can fit in this case, and boy is it a slim fit!)

GPU: MSI GTX780 Gaming Twin Frozr 3gb (When nVidia released their 780ti thus dropping the 780 in price I picked on up, my old 560ti is still running strong and will do my bidding until this rig is complete)

Case: Bitfenix Prodigy (White) (In the pictures there will be red prodigy parts lying around near and on the case I'm working on, this is because I have 2 prodigys, one I'm modding and one that's running my current rig)

SSD: Corsair Force 3, 120gb (I CRAVE MOOOAAAAARRR!!!!!!)

Mechanical Drives: Some 500gb one from an old build and a 2tb from another old build (They won't fit nicely in the case so I will have to get external enclosures for them)


This is the fun part.

Radiator 1: Phobya 200mm Extreme (The only reason I have this is because you can fit a 200mm radiator in the front of the case, then why shouldn't I do so?)

Radiator 2: Probably an EK 240 radiator (Will be mounted in the top of the case)

CPU Cooling (aswell as Motherboard): Bitspower AIZ77ITXD ICE BLACK/NICKEL (Here is the first Ice Black acrylic part that will be used, this block is amazing not only is it a CPU block but it cools the entire motherboard aswell. No really it does, google it!)

GPU Cooling: Bitspower GTX780 Waterblock ICE BLACK/NICKEL and Bitspower GTX780 Backplate (The second Ice[I/] Black acrylic item in the loop, the backplate is mainly to cover the brown PCB of the GPU aswell as adding some sleek aesthetics)

Pump: D5 with an EK top (Not much to say about this one is there, it's a great pump)

Res: Bitspower Z-Multi 150 Inline res ICE BLACK (And here comes the third Ice[I/] Black acrylic part that will be used.

Tube: Rigid Acrylic ( I love, LOVE the looks of rigid acrylic!)

I have not yet decided for fans, at the moment I have bought a couple of Corsair SP quiet fans, but I'm leaning towards buying Noiseblockers instead, both due to the increased performance of the fans aswell as the over all looks of the fans.


The mods I have planned are as follow:

SLEEVING All cables will be sleeved either white or blue, the blue color will be present in the motherboard as well and since it is a cold color I do not have something against having it in my build.

LIGHTS The GPU-block has ports for LEDs and this will be used, I will at least try and use some white LEDs and see how it will look, if it looks rubbish then it's out, if it looks good it stays, simple. I also plan on having a sleeved LED-strip mounted on the top radiator, shining light over the entire inside of the case. The reason for the strip to be sleeved is that 1, the strip looks like **** and 2, it will dim the light giving a softer all-round light in the case that will better eliminate shadows cause by parts.

THAT STUPID POWER-SWITCH THING As of stock, the power switch and "front" I/O-ports are mounted on the side panel, I think this is bad, and the creators of the case should feel bad. Every time I open the side of the case a cable is to short to reach and will get unplugged and I can't start the case without a side panel near the computer, so I will do as another modder here on OCN has done, and that is to move the I/O/power-thingy to the top of the case where it will not be disturbed by side-panels.

WHITE RADIATORS The rads will be painted white, THE FINS WILL REMAIN THE ORIGINAL COLOR, I know that painting the fins reduces thermal conductivity and therefore I will only paint the housing of the radiators.

SIDE PANELS WITH FROSTED WINDOWS I plan on laying my hands on 2 windowed side-panels and giving a frosted effect to the window, further enhancing the feeling of winter.

Brace yourself, winter is comming....
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This one is saved for future reference
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So today (The same day as the thread was created) I received a package from FrozenCPU containing a ****load of watercooling stuff that will be used in this build. The package in combination with the amounts of coffe that had been consumed during the day made me run around like a little kid on Christmas.


There are sadly no pictures of the actual unboxing, the ambient light in our apartment was way inadequate to yield good pictures without the use of a tripod. So the coming pictures will be hardware porn done in a makeshift studio in our kitchen. NUDES INCLUDED!

Just look at that exposed GK110 ready to have thermal paste spread all over!

And just look at that rear! It's just stunning...

Combined with that magnificent stature..

And the AIZ77ITXD just waiting to dominate that poor unsuspecting motherboard!

And for those wondering, this is what a 200mm radiator looks like in a mITX formfactor case, it's just plain stupid. I like it.

Warning: BONUS! (Click to show)

This is my makeshift studio, all pictures where taken either on the floor or on the chair with the case sidepanel acting as base. The light was achieved by a SB-700 flash aimed towards the ceiling at 1/16th power with a diffusor. The general settings used was an aperture of f/3.5 an ISO of aprox 1000 a shutter of 1/320th of a second
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Subbed for a Prodigy build.

I hear you on the side panel buttons. I plan to move them to the front of my case.
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Subbed! Like your photo studio:)
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Originally Posted by ccRicers View Post

Subbed for a Prodigy build.

I hear you on the side panel buttons. I plan to move them to the front of my case.

That was one of my thoughts aswell, but since my rad in the front is gigantic that is not an option for me sadly frown.gif
Originally Posted by revned1705 View Post

Subbed! Like your photo studio:)

I kind of had to improvise on that one, I recently moved to another town away from my family home to study at University so most of my bigger photo-stuff are still in another town 300km away from where I currently live >.
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