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[old case lian li lancool k58w = power switch ground wires [those gray/white intertwined ones broke off the power switch end (not the black head ends) so its an extreme hassle powering on the case.... unless somebody can guide me here- i can elaborate via PM]




after trying to electric tape the bottom wire, i broke off the middle wire too SIGHS.

any electrical gurus out there advise me what to do here? only idea i tried that worked was electric taping both of them in contact at the spots but its doesnt stick for long (needs stronger contact) so im forced to do it all by hand



Long story short (:doh:)........ I might need to get a new computer case



-ATX mid tower at least


-does not need to come with PSU


-PSU mounted on bottom


-room for at least 4 hard drives


-enough room for big/decent sized air coolers [maybe]


-reputable brand with good customer support [important!] and what i mean is like if power switches or cables get damaged, i can get a replacement part ASAP


-budget.... sighs; ideally i want it 30-40 range but it might be a tad too low, might extend it to 50-60 worst case scenario

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