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just seeking out some advice of how to custom paint some parts on my Case (also mobo which i will post in the correct thread), mainly on the front and top panels, mesh vents on the front and top, expansion slot covers and maybe some other things i think of that would look nice to add to the build ill ask if i feel like i need too (more than likely! haha)

my theme is Yellow and Matte Black which will go with the MSI GTX780 Lightning, Kingston Na'vi Ram + SSD's that i will purchase this end of Christmas (is a must! is defo a must)

also adding yellow LEDs to the case as the integrated LED Light system doesn't do yellow so if anyone knows where i can get some solid ones for a PC Case here in the UK it will be greatly appreciated!!

i just need as many tips as i can as ive never done anything like this before so yeah being a Newbie does have it's disadvantages tongue.gif but the outcome that i in-vision in my head will be worth it upon completion smile.gif thank you!