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Hey guys!

I'm planning on getting a bigger and better loop than my kraken x60 AIO but cant decide whether to mod my case to fit 360radiator or if should maybe mount a 480mm exernally instead/both? smile.gif

The loop and radiator will need to cool down these components:

Amd fx 8350 or 9590(aiming for 5ghz+)
Geforce 660(might be sli) or 2x better cards(sli)
Perhaps even mosfets,nb/sb etc and other components if needed.

I Should also mention that i might go into the cold with a peltier element with time when i have it all set:)

Short version:

360 enough or should i go bigger? Noise is a issue since wifey dont like fans(haha) my case supports 280rad without modifications,but as the overclocker i am..i need more biggrin.gif if your curious about other parts they will be good/top notch since i wanna have it cool and effective and money is not so important as long as it's not extremely expensive:) looking at raystorm or ek espesislly 360/480 kits/rads etc:)