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Outdoor Cooling Question

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Looking to run some Benchmarks with my system ... well ... Kind of outside

currently In British Columbia Canada, and well We have finally got some cool weather, to the tune of 0 c or 32 F for the yanks smile.gif

so for the benchmark aspect of things
looking to push past 4.6 Ghz on my 4770k @ 1.351 Volts seems to hit around the thermal limit with an H100 in Push pull .

Prime 95 i hit maybe 67c under full load steady

a few other more stressful programs ect. Intel Burn Test I hit the High 80c to 90c

http://www.3dmark.com/fs/1128542 < 3dmark score for personal best @ 4.5 Ghz Would love to break 9000 Points with my Current set up for the Achievement on steam smile.gif shallow yes but ... I Want it lol

So Any Help would be great
Any Warnings as well would be great to in regards to condensation and things or .. should i let the PC cool before bringing it back in first . should i leave it off after a Run for a bit ... Things like that

Don't wanna kill ma rig shes ma baby
Gigabyte UD3H Z87 Mobo
4770k OC to 4.6 GHZ
Corsair H100 Push/Pull
32 GB Ripjaw Z Ram @ 1600 Mhz
2 Asus DCUii OC 1020 mhz 2 GB GPU's at 1241 mhz
Crucial M4 256 GB SSD Boot Drive
1 3 TB Seagate Game storage drive
1 1 TB Seagate Capture Drive
1 250 GB Seagate Back up Drive
1 500 GB My book storage drive
Corsair TX750m 750W PSU
Siting in a Cooler Master HAF-EATX Case

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=190949498 for a pic of ma rig sorry bout the electrical tape smile.gif tried to hit the damn white cables but failed smile.gif Derp ^_^

As well Considering Deliding my chip ... Maybe ... smile.gif
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PS Fans on this case are fully loaded (not the best But)
H100 Push/Pull
1 200mm on the front intake
1 200mm side intake
1 140mm Exhaust
and the 4 on the Rad
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How about this, in particular my post:

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While outside the only problem areas would be your platter drives, CD/DVD drive and monitor all are not real happy in the cold.

Bringing it back inside is the biggest problem, sort of like grabbing a cold one from the fridge instance condensation in the warm air, just keep some air movement and let it dry out for awhile before you turn it on.
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Athlon 64 3300+ EVGA 115-K8-NF31 Radeon 9550 G. Skill DDR 400 
Windows XP SP3 On the Bench 
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(12 items)
Athlon 64 3300+ EVGA 115-K8-NF31 Radeon 9550 G. Skill DDR 400 
Windows XP SP3 On the Bench 
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Like Aleslammer said about condensation. Can you not just put your rig in a small room and leave the window open, that's what I've been doing. Sat here overclocking in a hoody and ski pants lol.
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kool Thanks Guys smile.gif Been while

But will have to wait for next year its started warming up again ... Le Sigh but ... on the upside of things the wifey let me buy a 780ti smile.gif

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT7eBBAxfH0 < love this thing got the EVGA SC 780ti ref (only one they had left in stock) least it will be easy to buy a waterblock for

Any Recommendations for a Watercooling kit for the CPU and GPU been eyeing some XSPC kit


http://products.ncix.com/detail/xspc-razor-gtx-titan-780-780ti-full-0d-81908-1198.htm for the GPU Block might Remove the Etching and put something else on it at work > Love working at a metal fab shop

If i had prints for how to make a block would get buddy to mill it out
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.Have you considered buying a full custom loop. For tge price you'll get a quieter system than with the H100 but not much more in cooling performance. With a big HAF case you could fit a couple of 240/360mm rads and get both the CPU and GPU watercooled with better performance and quoeter running. As with most things though . It's all down to how far you want to go and how much you're willing to spend. If I was you, and I was 4 months ago.I would buy a full custom loop. Go for a similar setup to the kit. Just get a bigger and thicker radiator. The bay res/pump combo is easy to fit. Works well and will be fine for a CPU and GPU.

I found tge hardestt part about it was learning what goes with what. It really is simple. Just make sure the tubing matches the fittings and yiu don't buy a reservoir made for a D5 pump and then buy a DDC pump.

This is what I would get for your loop
XSPC GPU block
XSPC Raystorm block
XSPC bayres/D5 pump combo. XSPC also do a lovely tube res/pump in the Photon D5 combo
13/19mm 1/2" 3/4" compression fittings
Tubing is down to taste. as long as it's the same ID/OD as the fittings
360mm radiator. As fat as will fit in your case
either a 120/140mm rad for the rear exhaust port. You need to bear in mind the clearance for the 360mm roof rad and fans
240/280mm rad for the front. Again the biggest you can fit in.
Coolant is another matter of taste. I would go with clear non conductive coolant and coloured tubing. If you want coloured water and clear tubin. then I'd use the same coolant with a dye to get tge colour to your liking

Now all of that is going to set you back a bit more than a kit, but as I said earlier. You get what you pay for. The XSPC 750 kit can be had for only slightly more than an AIO cooler lile the H100. The performance also follows. The main advantage of the XSPC kit is it's quieter. It only outperformed the H100 by the results in a test I found.

Good thing about watercooling for tge first time. There's plenty of people out there already done it and happy to advise if you get stuck. Good luck on whatever you decide and jave fun
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