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will this built be cool enough to be secure?

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Hello guys!
I'm newbie here and do kno just a little more than average joe, so be nice biggrin.gif

I'm writing in this thread because I have similar wishes as the thread opener.
Just that I won't remove te fan out.

My set wich I want to buy it (so there is still some maneuver space for choosing diffrent hardware parts):

CPU: i7 4770K
CPU cooler: Noctua NH-C12P SE14 (I will not remove the fan)
Case: Fractal design define R4 (2 stock fans, no aditional ones)
PSU: corsair rm 750 W
Motherboard: MSI MPower z87
RAM: G.Skill TridentX 2400 MHz 2x4 GB

I belive case is wide enough for cooler or even bigger cooler, If I'm wrong, please stand me corrected.
My wishes are silence and eventualy overclockin the CPU to 4,5 GHz to prolong the built.
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The NH C12p is definitely a good cooler. My input is that the cooler is perfect for your mITX build and should fit. Just check with Fractal Design first. In terms of OCing, theres no need to put a 4770k @ 4.5GHz right off the bat. At this point, its powerful enough to gobble up any game,3D renderer and benchmark, all at the same time. Linus from LinusTechTips posted a video where he was running Far Cry 3 with Prime 95 running in the background. Frames never dropped below 45 or 50. OCing is awesome but your case and cooler are not conducive to it.
So If your REALLY want to OC it, go for it. but I dont think the NH C12 P could handle the 4770k @ 4.5. Maybe @ 4.2-4.3, it'd be aight, but once you add more voltage you're looking at some heavy heatloads. Maybe deliding it will give you better results, but don't be a total jackass and try to delid right off the bat, because thats $340 down the toilet if you screw up. Get it, have fun with it, wait a year and if you want to try it, go for it, thats what I think, Good Luck!
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Thanks for the anwser!
Realy appriciated!
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The Define R4 is a mid-tower case, plenty big enough for pretty much any air cooler... it can probably even fit something like a NH-D14 or Phanteks TC14PE (barely). So I would just try to look for the best noise-performance ratio for you.

Also, the R4 can fit a 240 mm rad CLC in two possible locations, so if you added quiet fans to one it would be another option.
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