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Friend has trouble overclocking - infinite bootloop

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My friend with an i7 coolermaster v6 tried overclocking his cpu and whenever he overclocks it just goes into an infinite bootloop
He told me that he tried overclocking his cpu with a stock intel cooler and it works fine up to 4.2ghz without a problem. How is this possible, what could be the problem?

more details
i7 2700k
asus p8z77-v pro motherboard
eva corase ram
XFX 850 Pro psu

*friend*: To be honest I think I************ up one of my ram slots due to the CPU cooler being too big
*friend*: so I never put in 32gb

Just thought i'd add that bit of the convo in here
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Has he tried to boot with stock clocks since this happened? Has he tried the new cooler with stock clocks? Has he put the intel cooler back on and tried to boot? Has he tried to boot with only one ram stick in?

If the answer is yes to all these, then does the computer boot when he does any of these? if the computer boots with all of these except when the new cooler is installed then i think it must be shorting out the board somewhere, look for places where the cooler touches either the board or any of the other components on the board.

If the computer does not boot anymore at all, then i think that something shorted and ruined the board, check for burn marks or smells.

If the computer only boots with one ram stick in, then he fried the ram slot/stick have to do more testing to determine which.

If the computer only does not boot when oc'd then something about his OC settings that is not right.

As always, make sure everything is seated correctly and that the cooler does not put too much pressure on the top of the cpu as this can bend pins.

Hope this helps!
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Let me refine what i said:

So basically he has the custom cooler i mentioned above. The i7 in its stock state works just fine. However, as soon as he tries to overclock the pc goes into a constant bootloop.

So while trying to figure out what the problem was, he decided to use intel's stock cooler to see if he can overclock then, and to his surprise, he was able to overclock his cpu.

Then he once again installed his custom cpu cooler again and it boots and runs perfectly fine under stock settings, however, as soon as he tried to overclock it runs into a constant bootloop.

all in short:
Stock intel cooler, he can over clock without problem
custom cpu cooler: he can only run stock settings, if he decides to overclock -> bootloop

and if i understood correctly he has to reset bios or so to get it running again.
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I would imagine it would only be 1 of two things.
Is the cooler touching anything on the top of the motherboard like caps?
Is the backplate shorting something on the back? I beleive those v6 hav metal hardware. You can try insulating with electrical tape then put on the backplate.

Very odd problem if the stock cooler can overclock but the new one cannot. I was thinking of thermal shutdown, but I would think it would shut off and not bootloop.
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