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Hi All,

I have seen some old threads where people have chopped up their Antec300 chassis to add 360mm radiators to the roof, etc and also some examples of people not resorting to such butchery and just removing the lower HDD cages and inserting a 240 radiator and pair of 120mm fans in to the front-bottom of the chassis.

I am looking to put together my first watercooling solution and would be really grateful of any advice. I have already read through the variouse "Read Me 1st" guides on this and other forums which were really helpful, but now I am looking for some practical advise for my specific build.

I am not interested at all in what the solution looks like, no LEDs, etc. I am puerly interested in it being cool and quiet (ideally silent) and some power efficiency would be a bonus. I don't plan on going crazy with the clocks and voltages, so will be running with just mild overclocks to both CPU and GPU as I would like to take as much extra performance as I can get from the CPU and GPU whilst keeping them 100% stable and without excessive noise. And ideally without spending megabucks would be great!

So I guess I'm after suggestions for:

- Radiator that fits into front of Antec300 chassis. Anyone have experiance of this or suggest a good rad that fits?
- Waterblock for Intel 1366 i7-920 CPU
- Decent, quiet pump with resevoir in 5.25 bays or are they too noisy? any suggestions? I like the idea of having the liquid temp displayed.
- GPU full waterblock for the R9 290. I understand only 3 available atm. EK any good or wait for the xspc?

The fans, connectors, tubing, etc are all pretty well explained in the guides on this forum -Thanks.

Finally, it would be ideal if the solution could be PWM controlled so that the front fans on the rad and the pump (flow/motor) increase/decrease as the CPU or GPU sensors dictate. As a regular air cpu/gpu cooler does when you put the cpu/gpu under load the fans speed up/slow down.

Thanks in advance,