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So I've been looking for a motherboard for a HTPC/NAS build I would like to do when Kaveri releases and I was surprised to see that the only A88 mb with CIR headers are 3 different ones from Biostar. I was hoping for an offering from ASRock or maybe ASUS, but they don't have any A88s with CIR. I want a CIR header so I can pick up one of those internal widgets from Inteset to use with Harmony remote I already have. I was curious if anyone was aware of any other A88 mb with CIR headers besides biostar. Also if there was an alternative to CIR I should be looking at. I don't care about powering on/off from S5 since I plan to have the system powered on all the time, but I really don't want to use an external usb adapter. And lastly, is a quadcore APU going to under/over powered for a build like this?