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So I bought the Powercolor 290 after reading how they unlock through 290X Bios.
I found it on Newegg here and got it for around $430 shipped + tax, the Powercolor 290X was available for $160 more.
After unboxing and installing the AMD Beta Drivers I dumped my bios using GPUz.
Out of the box the 290 ran in Unigine Valley Extreme HD and came in at 54 FPS.

Unlocking by following The R9 290 -> 290X Unlock Thread and flashing the Asus 290X Bios yielded results of 60FPS.
After using AMD OverDrive I reached a max stable clock of 1080mhz core and 1375mhz memory yielding 63.4 FPS and a score of 2651.
Furmark yields 70 FPS 1080P with 0 AA, and 24FPS with 8x AA.

For the cash Im pretty sure this is the best deal I've ever scored on a graphics card in my life.
I could invest some cash into a Accelero 3 cooler and push it further but I am perfectly happy with the performance this card delivers now.
Ive also thought about purchasing the Accelero 3 to extend the lifetime of the core and its memory chips, I dont quite believe AMDs claim that they are designed to be run at 95C for the life of the card.
I am revisiting older games, even CS:GO and am stunned by how amazing this card makes them look. I hardly ever drop beneath 60fps in any of the games I have been playing all maxed out including BF4.

Feel free to ask questions!
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