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Wireless Network drive, Torrentbox, needs some coaching. Thanks!

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So recently I've moved in with some family and they had an old Dell Hybrid that wasn't being used, here's what I am accomplished with it.

Hybrid Specs-
2ghz Core2Duo
1GB Ram

Fresh Windows 7 x64 ultimate.
15GB Windows/Program partition.
130GB File/Torrent partition.

Shared the 130 partition on the network via Network Drive.
Mapped two of the three computers to the network drive for easy access.
Put VLC, CCleaner, Defraggler, Virtual Clone Drive, Microsoft Office 2010, and WinRar in a special folder on network drive to install on any computer that needs it, once they are connected to the router.
Put uTorrent and Chrome on the main HDD as to further download torrents and share them with the Family.
Succesfully copied a (legal digital download) from OP's PC, to network drive, installed VLC onto the MOM OF HOUSEHOLDS PC from network drive, streaming movie to her laptop!

yay. much stream. such networking. wow.

Brass Tax:
Now this is the reason for posting, other than just bragging rights wink.gif, ahh the catch...

I would like to get it set up so I can download a .torrent to the Net-Work-Drive, which is easy I kind of am half way there, but I would like to make it so that from my desktop I can access files from the NWD/Hybrid, and Re-code/Burn them to DVD's with sufficient speed that only my CPU on my desktop is the bottleneck. Now I am pretty sure this will all work fine (haven't tested just yet) but I figured you network gurus might have a more efficient means of producing the preferred results.

I get a write speed from my desktop RAID0, to the Hybrid/Network drive of roughly 47MBps, capped by the write speeds of the HDD and not the wireless, even if it is I'm probably capping the Wireless cards transmit speeds at 47MBps which is pretty blazing if you ask me.

Anyway, opinions on streamlining the operation?


uk, just found out that there's a bit of a lag when VLC is streaming from the MOM's laptop, i can probably edit the buffering settings on VLC but just in case any ideas?

ok, so i had a hard line connection from my 780i Nvidia LAN to the Hybrid's LAN, that's why i could transfer at HDD speeds, because I had a 1Gb LAN connection, on wireless I am stuck at 1MBps. Any ideas, the Hybrid is connected to the wireless router at 104Mbps and says it's only 8% utilized. The desktop is a 54Mbps (wireless G) and it's 21% utilization. Sooo, where's my throughput?


relocate Hybrid/N.W.D. to front room and connect VIA HDMI to T.V.
connect wireless mouse, keyboard, remote for moar WinMediaCenter
upgrade Ram on Hybrid for better streaming ect. ect. ect.
upgrade HDD for MOAR SPACES
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Transferring a movie:

Via 1Gbps hardline my transfer speeds were 45ish MBps.
Via Wireless it's about 1MBps

Desktop/Linksys Wireless G adapter:

Hybrid/Dell Draft N:


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