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We're proud to officially announce that both NCIX US and NCIX CA will start carrying our Mercury S3 and Mercury S5 chassis!
Founded in 1996, NCIX grew from one retail outlet in Burnaby, British Columbia to six thriving retail outlets throughout B.C. In 2010, NCIX expanded to Eastern Canada with a new warehouse and four additional retail stores in Canada's most populous province, Ontario. With the help of online purchasing, NCIX has been able to serve hundreds of thousands of customers all over the U.S.A. and Canada.

CaseLabs, sister company to an OEM that has been building equipment for military, medical, and Industrial applications since 1971, was founded in 2010 to provide highly customizable and modular chassis for the PC enthusiast industry.

CaseLabs and NCIX US and NCIX CA have reached an agreement to provide the Mercury S3 and Mercury S5 chassis and accessories to their customers.

NCIX US CaseLabs listings can be found HERE.

NCIX CA CaseLabs listings can be found individually at this time by searching for "CaseLabs" on their site.