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Okay against my better judgment my son purchased a "gaming" system from a friend
(Get ready to laugh)

E8400 8GB (mixed no name junk) 500 GB of space 9800GT video card, case 500W Rockfish and Asus DVD/+/-R (rw) (he got royally rooked) Paid 250

I have a ton of parts sitting around so I am going to try and make this work, I can use any of the items below, I have a Cm 212 to cool the CPU so looking for get the most gaming possible system out of what I have to work with, this is a life lesion I am not going to sell any of the stuff I have to pay for his upgrade but he is free to use any of the items in the list below.

He has an Asus P5q socket 775 MB

I am going to grab freely from any of my parts to get this working for him but I am not buying him a new computer he already got 4 tires for his truck and 600 bucks for ball joints his Christmas is over.

In my bit bucket I have

Xeon X3360 Not on CPU list for this MB
Xeon X3350 Not on CPU list for this MB

(Video cards)
Gtx 460
GTX 465
GTX 470
GTX 480
GTX 570

8GB 2GB X4 DDR2 800 Kingston
8GB 2GBx4 DDR2-800 MHz PC2-6400 HyperX
8GB (4 X 2GB) Corsair XMS2 Memory
8GB OCZ Gold XTC 8GB 4X 2GB PC2 6400

Corsair CX-600PS

2Tb Seagate
500G Seagate