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Fan/rad size mismatch

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I have a Silverstone SG09 that I've decided to watercool, physics and spatial dimension limits be damned. It's my first time dabbling with this but I did my research, so I'm not completely blank. I'm looking to cool my processor and a single videocard.

This case has a large 180mm fan at the top, blowing down onto the motherboard. A 180mm rad cannot be mounted beneath it however as motherboard components get in the way; the available space is something like 120x220mm.

There's a build log of this case here (by @Fruergaard), and he opted to put the rad ontop of the fan (on the outside of the case). I'd like to avoid this if possible. Additionally there are two 120mm side fan mounts, but having two rads on those feels like I'm wasting the 180mm one.

I'm not beyond cutting and welding together an adapter to mount a different size rad, but I'm uncertain what kind of turbulence and whine/noise I'd get from not having a perfect 1:1 fan:rad fit.

180x120 doesn't exactly seem to be a standard size and a 120x240 wouldn't fit, the remaining (240-180)mm being uncooled notwithstanding. A centered 140x140 *would* work (edit: erp no, one side limited to 120mm), but the question of noise from turbulence remains. Building a big fan shroud to route all air into a smaller rad isn't impossible, but (depending on dimensions) when moving the case around there'd be torque where I don't want any.

Any protips? It's currently on air with a NH-D14, but the videocard is starved and this seems like a fun challenge.


(Pic is from Google Images)

I cant' splell.
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Hi there.

As you have figured out, SG09 isn't really the case to simply just install watercooling in.

And since you want it all inside, there is very limited ways you can get some radiators installed.

First of; there is not enough room from the left side of the 120 into the GPU for you to install a radiator (Also the PSU will get in your way).
It can maybe happen with a 12mm thick fan, but the airflow from those is limited or very noisy.

That leaves you with the back 120mm and the top 180mm.
Not sure that you would be able to have two radiator up there at the same time duo to space limitation.

So, the only way I see this some what possible is to follow this build log;

So you would be in need to cut a bit in the bottom to install a thin 240mm radiator with two fans.

It's a fine build, but to me it's to compact, and he is limiting him self to only one PCI-e port, so I would have used another case like the NCASE M1 and then a smaller build with a ITX (he would though be limited to only two 3.5" HDD).

Can't see where or if he have a reservoir.

If I should do something similar, I would instead place the thin 240mm at the bottom and use a thin (30mm) 120mm radiator at the back.
That should be enough to cool a single GPU and a CPU, and leaves a bit more room for pump and reservoir (and less chaotic looking).
Then make the three 120mm fans as intake and the 180 as exhaust.

Hope this helps thumb.gif
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Originally Posted by Fruergaard View Post

Thanks for replying!

I'm growing more and more convinced that, indeed, having a 180x180 rad mounted ontop is the way to go.

Could you maybe comment some on your thoughts on the top fan as intake vs exhaust? Unless I'm mistaken, having negative air pressure in the box sucks in dust in a way that positive pressure doesn't. Moreover, from googling around I gathered that it's commonly preferred to suck cold air through the rad into the case for a larger ΔT, despite this raising ambient temperature. Is this an old/debunked theory?

Again, thanks for your input.
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About the 180x180mm radiator on top, I'm not sure that is what I would do.
Now I done it with my build, but that is due to having two GFX = not an option to have a 240mm radiator at the bottom.

But since you just have a single GFX (and not assuming that you go two), I would go a different route, then what I did (though still with some modding).
As the build log from above, I would place a 30mm thick (there may be room for a 45mm thick radiator) 240mm radiator with two 25mm fans at the bottom.
Then a 30mm thick 120mm at the back with a single 25mm thick fan.

Then I would use a Swiftech Apogee Drive II which has both pump and CPU blok and then place a reservoir on the back of the PSU (either some strong double side tape, glue or mod some holes into the back of the PSU).
You could maybe be so lucky to get a Swiftech MCR-X20 at the bottom, which is a radiator/reservoir/pumps unit.

The two radiators should do just fine with just a GFX and CPU.
And the reason I would go this route is to make it as clean as possible (I would look into the MCR-X20 unit).

Again, this is only from the perspective that you will only run with a single GFX in the future.

It is correct that having negative air pressure will suck in air (and therefor dust) in the small ventilation holes.
And yes, you should always try to get cold air from the outside through your radiator first. (but with good fans and airflow trough the case the difference is very small).
I do not believe that with three 120mm fans that you will get negative air pressure but positive (with the 180mm fan spinning at lower speeds).

Hope this helps thumb.gif
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