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I need a mouse!

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So I just killed my tron mouse by dropping it.. the click button is now dead so I rerouted it to the forward button...
I was looking at the Guild Wars 2 Steelseries, the asus RoG GX1000.
don't want to go over 80$ without a doubt.

Razer is Okay but i wasn't so impressed with this mouse that I'd be a diehard fan

I haven't been into mouses so I don't know what is good. just what I use

I miss my G9 but its cable was garbage... !!! that's another thing I don't want a cable that will split or partially fray
either super light or super heavy

oh an if it gets stuck and starts doing x-axis or y-axis only I do not want it!

Also I need a mousepad because my current one is killing my wrist. its all bruised from hours and hours of use

and I want something with REALLY high DPI
5600 atleast..
EDIT seeing as there are alot of noobs and tards in this area,I apologize to all the people trafficing this thread that have been kind and respectful for the assault that is about to take place to your eyes
]On top of 20 other reasons... I don't move my hand when I mouse... JUST my fingers... For christs sake this is getting ridiculous. It is EASIER for me to use high DPI mouses. I have joint issues. and I am on PC with heavy gaming for 10hour+ sessions. My wrist would be bloody if I used anything lower than what I got. I have no desk space.
LOW DPI I am picking the mouse up multiple times to move ONCE across one screen
I use low dpi at friends houses, school. my dads pc and I HATE THEM

I have a table for a desk with a bench pc and fulltower on top a 27inch monitor and a 8 year old 46" LCD to the right
My desk has no space for low dpi and it would destroy my hand after 5-6 hours of guildwars2 or any shooter


I am getting a 55" 4K HDTV next year seeing as sony is currently selling some for 3000$

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What are you doing on your PC that you need 5600dpi.
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he doesnt need 5600 dpi, but marketing made him think that he needs 5600 dpi
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I have multiple screens and I always use max DPI settings on my mouses and I am using 5600 ATM and its a little slow for me

LOTS of high res gaming and multiple screen.

.. I also have no deskspace so it works out nicely having really sensitive mouses

I am used to it and I want more.

only time I turn DPI down is when I don't want my fans rumbling to start showing browse bar in fullscreen players

I mean I am buying it for me, What the hell is it to you if I like sensitive mouses?
My mouse history goes mx518 to g9 to tron... I like sensitive mouse

I'm not demanding 1000Hz polling rate
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generally optical mice are considered better for gaming, but i don't know if at the extreme resolutions you would play at, if that changes.

The steelseries Rival is a brand new optical mouse released in some places of the world should be released in others any day now. It seems to be getting quite a bit of favorable reviews. It has a 6500 dpi sensor. But might be a bit skinny if you're coming from a g9.

Corsair M65 seems to be gathering some loyal followers and they seem pretty fat, so might be pretty good for a g9 fan. Has an adjustable weight system so you should be able to put a ton on if you like heavy and 8200 dpi sensor.
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I would look at the RoccAt Kone Pure (8200 dpi). Also ,tell us more about how you hold your mouse. Finally, you can also still get a g9 x online if that mouse was best for you.
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My hold is claw type I guess they call it... I hold my mouse like a pistol index(left click), and middle (right click), palm to the mouse pad. thumb far back on the left side.
I am trying to get off that though because it is killing my wrist. I got crazy bruises on my palm pad
Tron mouse is pretty thin so I am used to that...

GW2 mouse so close yet so far. Oh well I will just get the eir edition mouse pad

any other mouse with a heavy scroll wheel like the corsair that isn't corsair? I kinda hate that company

Those are all good mouses. even the corsair... I'd probably get the corsair if it wasn't corair

roccat looks nice
rival looks nice as well...
Might go back to g9x... i loved that mouses feeland it had a heavy scrol wheel that i could just flick and it would spin forever... I really missed that when I switched to one without it

OKOKOK This may be impossible... But I will ask

Can I take the guts out the rival and put it into the GW2 model? GW2 model looks better all around IMO and they nlook really similar
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$80 is quite a lot. You can get the DeathAdder 2013 for a little over $50. 6400 DPI and arguably the best mouse right now.

As usual though, comfort is a priority so try the mice first if you can.
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I notice people say the 2013... I was looking at http://www.razerzone.com/licensed-and-team-peripherals/counter-logic-gaming-razer-deathadder-e-sports-edition/
I just like the styling better... Is there any difference ? Can I get a link
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The eSports edition is just a reskinned 2013, and afaik only available at the Razer store at the moment.
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