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I have a few of the metal trendnets that didn't have any issues even getting warm or similar.

Also as stated a few times, you will have very real issues if you try to use M->S->R

The switch should just be plug and play behind your router. The only limitation you would want to keep in mind is that devices on the switch share the single uplink of bandwidth back to the router's integrated switch. Therefore, if you had a few clients on the router's LAN ports and a few clients on the switch, you might not see 100% wire-speed gigabit transfers between multiple clients. It would be the best idea to have a single link from the switch to the router and hang everything else off of the switch directly.

Also as stated, with an unmanaged switch you won't introduce any other features,etc. The switch will extend your ethernet broadcast domain so all of the clients connected to it will be on the same network, receive the same DHCP offers, etc.