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my HD 7870 Hawk is doing strange things when i have my pc on idle when my monitor goes to sleep.
like every few seconds my fan will Spin loudly * like it does when gpu boots on startup to remove dust) then it just stops. and the power lights also go on and off.
i dont have it under warrenty because i did a TIM replacement. but the card itself is fine. temps are great and fans run nonstop during gaming.
what could be this problem
i did get a new psu from corsair (HX750) ( 12v rail wasnt stable, could put load on gpu at all) and the PCI-e cable are not the normal ones i usually get . its no longer one cable for each piece, its 2 cables tied together with a big ass plastic pic-e before the header
its been doing this for about a month now. just tried to ignore it, but im thinking about getting replacement Sleeved cables to see if its just something with the weird cables

ive also re installed amd drivers and still no fix
so im thinking is the cable
i honestly am hating corsair considering this is my 3rd psu through them, i feel their warehouse psus are crap compared to what they send out to Newegg

*edit* i think i found my problem, i was using a VGA-DVI adapter like an idiot instead of my Hdmi. it went idle and it stopped doing it. but what reason would the output be creating such bizarre fan fluxuations
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