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TX10-D extended - Haswell E gamer!

Greetings all! Long time reader, short time poster hah.

First ever build log.. but everyone on OCN has been a huge inspiration towards the start of this project. Stren, Seross69, Snef.. to name a few.. amazing work!

Couple of disclaimers:

First up: I am not a photographer.. and I do not own a "good" camera. By no means does that mean no pictures, just means the quality won't be the same as what we've seen on the forums from others.

Second: This will be a fairly long term build.. Long shipping times to this part of Canada. This will probably be the only time I have wife approval to blow the budget out the window. thumb.gif

Third: I work.. a lot... definitely going to be some times where there is no time to get any work done on this project.


Showpiece worthy build. Every little detail addressed. High standard of quality in not only custom work, but also everything hands on that I do.. if its not "perfect" to me, it will get re-done.

Quiet.. quieter the better. Extra rad coverage, lots of low RPM fans. I work in heavy industry, surrounded by noise for up to 20 hours a day some days. Come home to a bit of a zoo.. 3 kids, 4th possibly on the way... 2 dogs, 4 cats.. and god knows how many fish are in the tanks at the moment. (Ps.. my wife is an animal lover).

Dual functional systems:

Side A - Haswell-E (when it gets here.. eventually), Tri-SLI, dual loop water, rigid acrylic tubing, minimal amount of fittings/rotaries/90's. Full sleeving is mandatory.. any less would not be worthy of a CL rig.

Side B - Current X58 platform rebuild - Likely just the CPU on water.. will trade my current gtx670 for one of the kids gtx460's once the Haswell-E platform is assembled. X58 will function as our home server/nas box of sorts. Until such time that Haswell-E is outdated, then it will become the nas/server, and a new build shall commence!

What about dual TX-10s.. stacked.... heh..... Seross69.. thoughts?

Etched and side lit acrylic panels.. may have goofed when I ordered the TX with just an "XL" window on both sides. Possibly re-order a full panel for the good side.. and custom cut a window.

Still waiting for the beginning of it all...

Caselabs TX10-D w/extended top & pedestal. Waiting to clear customs.. urgh...

Paint scheme to be determined.. ordered the case in the default matte black for now. Debating either re-painting visible front panel accessories such as fan controllers to match the CL.. or do some custom paint on the CL itself.

First round of goodies are in transit!!

Swiftech MCR420-XP x2
Mo-ra3 120.9 Pro
Corsair SP120 x18
Phobya fan controllers

Dual loops Haswell - one loop for CPU/Motherboard and possibly ram. Second loop for GPU's.. eventual goal is Tri-SLI. (Christmas'14?)
Third loop for current X58 rebuild.

Why Dual Loops? We've seen and proven that a single loop leads to equal relevant component temps and heat dissipation, and less worry on failed parts. But... I have an idea in my head.. and a single loop won't accomplish it. I'm not going for a massive overclock.. but.. would like to have the potential for later.

Planned suppliers - MDPC Sleeving, XSPC water blocks, EVGA psu, Likely go with Primochill for the rigid and fittings, Swiftech Rads.

Will update as it goes!

** Edit - updated ordered parts list.. changed log title
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