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First time water cooling

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Hello all, I am about to commence my first water cooling loop and would really appreciate it if anyone experienced would take a look at my list and point out any problems thumb.gif

It will be cooling an Intel i5 4670K and Radeon R9 290x housed in the soon to be released Fractual Design Arc Mini R2. I want to use the odd bay so a 360mm radiator is not an option.

Can I get away with only using a 240mm radiator if I don't overclock the cpu? See the ONLY reason I want water cooling is to cool the gpu and asthetics so if one ax240 will give nice temps at stock it would be fantastic!

I have read that different species of metals (copper apposed to nickle) should not be mixed within a loop in order to avoid corrosion, with that in mind will the koolance fittings conflict with the copper based blocks and radiator?

Any help on this would be much appreciated smile.gif thankyou!

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if your jsut cooling your gpu, the 240rad is fine, but do note taht eventualy woudl want to oc your chip ~ you can always get a external radiator too
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