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Hi everyone.

Im selling my trusty nh-d14 with an extra 120mm fan. It comes with all accesories exept its otiginal box.
The extra fan is another nf-p12. The wires have been extended along with being sleeved with mdpc sleeving.

The scythe kaze q 12 comes in black with 9 of the 12 extending wires.

Demciflex filters for a haf x

Haf x case in excellent condition. There is a scratch in the paint on the side panel On the very edge. The hdd bay has been made so you can take it out. Comes with an extra coolermaster fan for the top 200mm space and the gpu sheild thing.
The only niggle is that when I sleeved all the cables the led to the power or hdds activity broke.
I have emailed coolermaster about a replacement.

I also have
2 akasa apache army style fans
2 corsair sp120l fans from my h100i
4 corsair fans from my h100 h50 and h60
2 g skill turbulance 2 ram coolers.

Please can you appraise in £ sterling

Many many thanks