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Please read my reasoning on both builds before voting.

King Radeon 7990
The King Radeon features 2 Radeon HD 7990 GPUs. It is controlled by an FX-8350 CPU on a Crosshair Formula-Z Motherboard. My decision for cooling is very intricate, but valid. The Seidon 240m's radiator will be mounted at the bottom of my Phantom 530 case with 4 fans attached to it for Push-Pull. With my PC being in my basement, these 4 fans will pull the cold basement air into the case, thus cooling the CPU, case, and my GPUs all at once. This will allow for some beast overclocks for my CPU and GPUs. Two 200mm fans will be located at the top, 2 120mm fans located in the front, and a 140mm fan on the back.

This build is the culmination of months of research. What worries me about this build is the reliability of the 7990s. I've heard some very bad things about this GPU but I've also heard some very good things. For gaming, it is the best GPU, even out performing the $1,000 GTX 690 and Titan. Thought, the probability of them not working might outweigh the positives. Next, the Seidon 240mm's radiator being mounted at the bottom may bring upon problems like bubbles in the system and the stretched tubing could hinder the system.

My primary brand of GPU is sapphire, but I'm waiting for them to get back in stock. They can usually be as low as S599.99. The 7990 on my part list at the moment is the $850.00 HIS 7990. With the Sapphire 7990s in my build, the price will go down by $500.00. Also, on New Egg, they have a promocode that takes off $20 on stuff $100 or more, but the website also has a special Bill-Me-Later deal where every $250 will take off $20. By abusing these deals, I can get an extra $450 off. The Final build's price will come to $2100.

Tri-Fire Prime
This is a build I had though of very recently. Through advice from some friends, I was told to have another because of problems with the Radeon HD 7990. I was then recommend to get 3 R9-290s and unlock them. So in result, this build was born.

The Maximus Formula motherboard features 'Crosschill'. Instead of traditional heatsinks, is has a waterblock located right above the CPU socket that can be used in unison with any watercooling system. The Reservoir has an internal pump that can be mount in a 5.25 inch bay. It also includes a 2-fan fan controller, and water temp sensor. The tubing will go from the reservoir/pump, to the motherboard's waterblock, then to the 360mm radiator, and back into the reservoir. The 360mm radiator will be mounted in the top of the case in Push-Pull configuration (6 fans total!) . The Seidon 120mm AIO water cooler's radiator will be mounted on the front of my case with 2 fans for Push-Pull. Lastly, 1 140mm fans on the back for out take and 1 120mm fan at the bottom for intake.

If I choose this build, it will be my first time using a custom water cooling loop. I am somewhat afraid I will mess it up or chose wrong parts. What I love about the Radeon 7990, is that is comes with 6 games, but the 290 only comes with BF4.

The prices for the R9-290 will fall eventually, whether it be by $10 or $50. By abusing New Egg's deal just like in the King Radeon, I can make the final price $2,352.

Now, which build should I choose? What advice do you have? What changes would you make and why? Any and all help is much appreciated.
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