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Needs have changed drastically for me over the years, as well as free time. No longer the resource I once was on here, so now the shoe is on the other foot and I'm looking for advice and perspective from others.

Currently pecking away on an i5 Sandy Sony Vaio. I like the footprint, it has enough power, and the mobile screen resolution is adequate at 1600x900. I have a few nice monitors that are not being used though as it only has HDMI and VGA out.

I'm looking for an alternative that would allow me to drive at least one 2560x1440 or higher screen, but I also do not want to sacrifice size and weight excessively. Much of my work has me running from coffee shop to coffee shop, so I cannot justify the 15"-17" systems I have had in the past. Weight does not bother me much, but having a finite amount of table space for a book/notepad and laptop makes things troublesome.

I know I could get away with any Ultrabook with Mini DP, but I would like to pursue the option of a dock as well for USB wired mouse/keyboard and a few other ancillary items.

Do I have any options other than a slightly older ThinkPad? Currently the T430s looks like my best option, but I do not want to make a brash, hurried decision.

Overall needs -
  • 1600x900 or higher on mobile screen - no questions asked
  • Prefer 13"-14" footprint
  • Mini DP, DP, or dock capable - must have at least one
  • Sandy i5 or newer, prefer i7 for TB
  • mSATA + 2.5" bay would be great, but happy with one or the other