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Yeah, when I first built the system I ran a standard antec 620 with a thicker 120mm radiator. While I liked it, the hoses were in the way of the gpu. If I had opted for the stock antec 620 radiator and turn it on its side like everyone else then the hoses would be right there as the first thing you see when you opened the case.... kinda ugly

I have decided to just stick with air cooling on this little guy to make travel easy.
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While I am cutting my window mod this weekend, I have decided I am going to cut a low profile pci slot into the case right below the psu.

Why you may ask, well, I want a soundcard, so I ordered a mpcie to pcie x1 adapter and a soundcard. I figure above the gpu is going to be the best place for this since below the gpu is going to cover up some of the fan intakes and potentially cause some heat issues. Plus if I ever cut holes in the bottom of the case for fans, I dont want to have to relocate the sound card again.

sound card should be here next week, going to make the cuts simple but just cutting a square hole a little smaller than the low profile pci plate. Then drill holes in the low profile plate so it screws into the case via the venting holes that are present in the back of the case already.
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Hi people. I'm thinking to swap my old laptop by a mini-itx box and a portable screen. This case looks ideal, but I'm not sure an i5-6600 or similar and a gtx 960 or 970 would be safe inside this due to poor air circulation. Am I right?
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Those actually work just fine in this case
The airflow from the main fan blows right over the cpu, the gpu may need a hole cut in the bottom.
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What portable screen were you thinking of using? I've been wanting to do that, but haven't found an option that's easy to mount to the case.
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I have a 17.3 inch 120hz lcd from a alienware laptop that I plan to use. I just need to build a case to hold the lcd and get a converter board to make the ribbon cable accept a dvi
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Mmmm I was more thinking in a usb screen or something that I can put in a bag. Attaching it to the case would be nice, but my modding skills haven't ever been tested ever. Also, making holes to the case, I guess I could do that with a regular drill, but I'm not sure how this would result.
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I wasn't going to mount the screen to the case smile.gif. I think a 17 inch 120hz 3d ready screen would be a great lan party accessory.

I could put the lcd in any 17 inch laptop bag with my mouse, keyboard and cables.
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I have an acer 24 inch 144hz monitor. I can fit everything but that monitor into a small suitcase I have.
I'll probably get this to take it places: http://www.amazon.com/ROCCAT-Widescreen-Designed-Flatscreen-Monitors/dp/B002RSQ732

As for a small portable monitor, I don't think it gets any better than the Adafruit Qualia: https://www.adafruit.com/products/1652
$224 for 2048x1536, basically iPad 3 or 4 display.
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If you get the roccat, do a review! I would love to see some more info and pictures... Not much online about those bags.
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