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I first bought Ultimate Domain (Under the name Genesia) back when it came out almost 20 years ago, have spent 100s of hours leaning its intricacies, But its a dos game & the graphics are just nonnegotiable with my standards today.
For those not familiar basically its a very intricate turn-based village-building game with less focus on warring factions & more on slow expansion & surviving the seasons, gaining the trust of your subjects, keeping them happy & of course an expensive tech tree to discover ballistic technologies & cures for illnesses of your subjects as well as sturdier clothes for the winter.

If anybody knows of a similar game that's been released in the past 10 years i would be very grateful to you.

Graphics are very important, i cannot for the life of me enjoy a great game that's an eyesore of pixels in this day & age & I envy the many gamers i meet online who keep enjoying 15+ year old games (we can accept the strategy games back then were way superior to today's) but i just can't due to the horribly dated graphics.

The game doesn't have to be a village-building game & doesnt even need to be set on earth but i would love a very deep & intricate 4x type game recommendations.