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The cheapest way to cool an overclocked CPU and two overclocked video cards is watercooling.
To save money on radiators, you can use high performance fans. They will greatly improve the efficiency of a radiator and thus, necessitate less total radiator frontal area. --- at the expense of NOISE! and lots of it. To the point that you WILL be moving you rig into your wife's dressing room! Fans like the Delta AFB1212GH, which are so loud that my mailman once asked me why I was vacuuming the house all the time.

You could try something like this. Blowers typically have much much more pressure than fans at the same rated CFM, and they are quieter, not quiet, just quietER.

its a nice idea, maybe noisy, but ill keep it in mind

did think of many ideas that I found on internet, such as using a chiller to cool a mineral oil filled in a fish tank which its wont freeze at higher than -30C temp. but its expensive.
ill try to read more about this blower, maybe I can find something suite my aim.