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Hello all.

I need opinions on which motherboard to buy for an FX CPU,all mobos are on same price range thats why i cant decide...of course overclocking its the Number one reason for the NEW mobo. i more into the MSI Board but cant tell for sure...
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The ASUS is the most popular board so has the best support here.

The Gigabyte does not have the most user friendly bios according to comments in their thread, but is solid otherwise.

The MSI does not have LLC but runs cooler than the others.

What is your favorite color?
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The MSI does not have LLC?are you sure?...black of course and that leaves the sabertooth out of my list but if its a solid good overclocking Board i may get it...
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I have been running this MSI 990FXA GD80 V2 for 4 months now. No LLC and I don't know if it is really needed. As I understand it LLC compensates for Vdroop so you don't really know what volts are really hitting your CPU. No LLC and you DO know because you have to manually set it in the bios.

For instance I set the vcore in the bios to 1.617 v to get 1.52 v under load. You would not know that with LLC. And the GD80 does run cooler than the others.
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IMO, if you have the cash and are going to OC your FX past 20%, would go with the ASUS Sabertooth R2 or the Crosshair Z. I got the ASROCK e9 (2 months ago) it clocks well and etc. but i wish i put down the $70 difference sometimes lol ~ just for the red/black theme
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you are right about the LLC it doesnt have,i know this issue with the MSI boards about the vcore voltage,if it does overclock well its no big matter to me about the LLC.

soulwrath sabertooth R2 has the same price as the GD80 its actually 5 euros cheaper here,im not into the formula z is to expensive and to some benchmarks i've seen the sabertooth seems to perform better or the same, and the price difference its big 85 euro. only the formula-z can OC my CPU past 20%?the other boards cant go more?im on Air btw no waters.
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20% overclock? They should all be able to do that. I don't have a very good 8350 and I got to 5ghz on air, but can only get to 4.7ghz stable. I'm ok with how this one runs on air, but think 5ghz will run hot unless you have a good cpu like a 9XXX.
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im on air also - it also depends on the silicon lottery to push it more, but i believe that asrock, asus, gigabyte is best 3 imo -- better vrms and capacitors
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I'm a little sensitive about the VRM thing because there is some misinformation floating around. The 970 boards have a well deserved reputation for burning out but the GD80 and GD65 are solid with their DrMOS VRMs.

Hehe. I was doing this run yesterday when the heater kicked in and started blowing hot air into the front of the case, but look at the motherboard temps. The DrMOS is on the bottom. Other boards may have smoother power delivery, or maybe not. I don't know, but the GD80 does run cool.
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