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any way to fix leak without draining?

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I've finally moved my water cooling system inside my case and added in a second radiator (previously all parts lied outside of the case, excluding motherboard)

However I have a tiny leak on the in-fitting for the second radiator, on top of the case. I've tried playing with the tube and barb clamp, but no luck.

The reason I'd rather avoid draining is that it's a total
with my setup. I have no proper way to drain, so I just have to quickly unplug one of tubes on the bottom and avoid spraying it all over.

Also, the reservoir is not at the highest point so refilling it will also be a pain.

So mostly I'm hoping there is a way to avoid this.

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For starters I would like to ask the following question .

You have mentioned your res is not at the highest point and it would be hard to fill. Is your pump below it or even with it are what?

and finally . yes there are a few ways . If using a barb there can be a few ways

1. try sliding the tube up more and making the clamp tighter .
2. get a vice are a C clamp and clamp the tube as close as you can and put a different clamp on. ( will loose tad bit of coolant but just add a little to the res.
3. you can go by some silicone and put it around the tube and barb and wait to it drys ( temp fix ) and then it will just rub off with a rag when you take the loop apart to upgrade are fix it for real .
4. take the clamp off and get a metal hose clamp from hard ware store and add it with the other ( screw driver should torque it quite nice)

I am sure I am forgetting other ways but these seem the best for now .

Hope this helped!

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Hi and thanks for the reply

To start: I think I got it - third time is the charm?

But, just in case:

1. Yeah, its a bayres/pump [Koolance RP-452X2] 2 x MCP PWM pumps. Since I had no way to fill it, I moved it down 2 5.25" bays so that I could just open it from above and use a funnel. Its about in line, vertically, with the CPU and GPU blocks. The second reservoir is at the top of the case, and the other res is on the bottom.

2. Tried that really hard on the last one and Im guessing thats what got it to stop leaking. Still not confident. Im sort of cheating by running the pumps on low, 35%, but I tend to run them that way anyway.
3. What do you mean? I used a pliers to clamp it down as much as I could. How can I add a new clamp without losing tons of water though? The in-outlet is vertical.
3. Very nice, this is the kind of solution I was hoping was possible smile.gif
4. I think this, again, wouldnt be possible - or is it really not that impractical to pull tube off a barb and slide on a new clamp without losing a ton of water?

Thank you very much again

P.S. any tips for reducing the resonance with this setup? I know people have said the FT-02 is a nightmare with bayres/pumps and they were right. Over 40%, the next "not awful" speed is about 70%. 40-65% and 75% up resonate quite a lot. If im stuck with 35%, any guesses to the flowrate with dual MCP655 PWM versus

1x 3x180mm rad
1x 120mmrad ["Monsta" thick one]
1x GPU Supremacy
1x Koolance 380i

P.S.2 currently half of my memory chips have no heatsink - is this unsafe? No airflow either. I've downclocked them to 625mhz and set voltage to lowest [1.5v] and am not playing anything GPU intensive, but theyre very hot. They fell off and I need to buy some thermal tape; Fujipoly isnt very adhesive unfortunately.
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to not loose water take a c clamp and pinch the tubing ( if it is soft tubing not hard acrylic) and then un hook it and loose a tiny bit of fluid and change it .

and the 2 MCP655 pumps are great! , that is the combo I run and I run over 10 rads with over 50 fans .

and no . it is not a bad thing if it is temp . but I would recommend you getting after market heat sinks for them are a new set of ram .

PS . if your pump is in comp with your res its no issue where it is located . only when separate (=

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