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Hi all,

I currently have tri SLi of the 680 Classy but i would really like to push them a bit now as they are a tad older but my conundrum is finding a cooling system to cater for these cards, I have a very hard time finding water block for them at the moment, and I live in Australia and cant seem to find many places that sell the card let alone the proper water blocks, i know that the hydro copper block is pretty much impossible to get my hands on and that ok but im hoping someone can point me to a water block which will 100% work with these cards,

Any help would go a long way, smile.gif

just need some expert advice to be honest at this point I'd even settle for after market AIR coolers does not have to be water, anything but the stock cooler would be superb smile.gif

thank you in advance guys i do really appreciate smile.gif

happy computing smile.gif
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ok so I have done a lot and a lot more research and it turns out its very difficult to throw these classy under water nower days without the hydro copper block, but I do have good news for those interested, and the good news is 2 fold;

1. There is confirmation that the gtx 770 classified block fits the gtx 680 classified card smile.gif YAY!!!!! but again maybe because Im in Australia but even those are kinda difficult to come by.


2. I have found a Block from XSPC who do a "raystorm" edition block which is universal, and before ppl start going me for this, I Know universal blocks are know to be bad for so many reasons but honestly guys I hear but Im not able to be choosey atm true?, I mean beggers cant be choosers lol

and seeing as im alreadying runnning a raystorm cpu block the raystorm gpu block would be matching true and tbh I pretty happy with the cpu blocks perfomance anyway how bad can the gpu be? :S

anyway just a few questions before i purchase these bad boys, seeing as they are full cover blocks and I need to cool the ram chips and mosfets and stuff myself passively , I know i need those heat sinks but do I put those in the ram chips alone? or do i need some sort of special tape or adhesive?

also what else needs passive cooling on gpus?
thanks guys smile.gif
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