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asrock z87 extreme 11

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Well I just saw this on Newegg today for $539.00 and I'm looking for some input from everyone. I currently have the x79 extreme 11 with 3930k clocked at 4.4 stable for over a year now. but trying to find info if it is worth making switch now to 4770k or wait for Haswell-e.

Currently I have all 14 sata ports used on the x79 extreme 11. I only have 5 corsair drives on lsi sas2 controller tested and adding more made no speed increase. Currently running at 2.45gb read 2.02gb write. but if I take the other 3 drives I have and put them on the sas3 controller will I get more speed?? plus with 8 more sata ports and using all my old drives that could give me about 5.5tb of more storage.

I have just over 9tb now and at 75%. capacity

but if I update that means also new chip new mobo and faster memory. almost $1700.00

should I pull the trigger or wait a year. HELP..
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The x79 is a far better platform. Intel did not release the lga 1150 to replace the lga 2011 x79 chipset. If you are already vested in the x79 i would stay with your current configuration or upgrade your cpu before changing over.
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however i really forgot to answer your question. i just bought an i7 4770k with this motherboard. I'll post back when it gets here with some updates.
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Me too! decided to upgrade my son's x58 extreme 6 going to give him my board. I am running out of storage space on mine. I went with 2666 g skill 32gb kit. could not see spending over double for 3000. with water cooling I going to try to get this memory close to 3000 and time will tell how far I can push the cpu. I will keep progress posted. should arrive Saturday! fingers crossed.biggrin.gif
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