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can i overclock?

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so dumbly i bought a pre-made pc that is junk and now that i have figured that out im upgrading to a new case and stuff. the cpu is nice i have a 6300. im getting a radeon hd 7950 for my gpu and im wondering if i can overclock the radeon hd 7950 and fx 6300 with a corsair cx500. i know id need fans and a new cpu cooler which i have. my friend thats helping says he has a 750w silence mkii but he is not sure about the cx 500 so im asking here. thanks!
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500W would be more than enough at stock, so you should be able to get a decent OC, just not a crazy one. So I think you would be fine with your CX500, especially since upgrading it wouldn't be worth it at all.
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the 6300 with a decent cooler can hit 4.3ghz easy, but i would not recommend pushing much higher unless you have a good cooler and can keep the temps down. i have my 6300 at 4.5ghz, i can go higher but have no need. as for the new gpu i have nothing to offer as i do not have one or know someone who has one. sorry.
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