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I'll be building my very first PC. I intend to use it mostly for gaming and other (non-intensive) college related work, and will be overclocking it - but not excessively.

1. Will everything fit? I'm mostly concerned about the GPU, RAM, and cooling.

2. Is the Gigabyte mobo good? Should I get Asus instead?

3. For CPU cooler, I really wanted air cooling. Would Silverstone-NT07 or Noctua NH-L9i be compatible with the case and mobo?

4. Are the fans I added necessary?

5. Is there any bottlenecking? Are there any cheaper GPU options?

6. Is the rest of my build good? Any comments, suggestions, criticisms?

7. Is the mesh on the BitFenix black that helpful, or will the white suffice? (I love the white's aesthetics).

Thanks in advance
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