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Coupon code: EUROCOM-GLJ-M310-01122013 - the coupon is entered through the "instructions" box in the bottom of the order page, after you hit "continue" on the configuration page.

Eurocom M3 product page

Eurocom M3 (Clevo W230ST) 13.3" gaming laptop for $825 with 10% off coupon (above). It is the fastest for a 13.3"/14.0" laptop and also have a very good 1080p screen. It is a good laptop for $1000 and for $825 it is even a better deal.
Main specs ($825):

- CPU: I5-4200M
- GPU: GTX 765M
- RAM: 1x8GB 1600MHZ DDR3
- HDD: 7200RPM 1TB
- Screen: 1080p IPS (Chi-Mei I think)

Eurocom applies the Diamond 24 thermal paste to the CPU as a default - nice touch in this one.

I would suggest flashing the bios to the Prema modded one. A friend told me that it reduced the idle power consumption considerably and that it feels it is faster in general, but that's not really measurable by me.

I would not upgrade to the I7 unless you know for sure you need it. Otherwise, there are almost no advantages in practice and better save this money for you next laptop or flowers for your honey.
I would also get an mSata drive along the 1TB HDD or replace it with an SSHD (would be my preference actually)

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