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xps L701x nvidia 445m overclocking

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!!!!!!-thought about selling it and getting asus g??? but love this l701x frown.gif so please dont advise new lappy -!!!!!!

would/could someone here talk me through how to overclock the nvidia 445m in my laptop maybe up to 555m clock (thats my goal)
specs at min -

Q740 i7 cpu id like to keep standard

8gig ram but will have 16 gb crucial ram waiting for delivery aswell as waiting for a 750gb momentus xt

temps after few hours gaming cpu 78 max gpu 63 (-cod ghosts etc -) although will be getting arctic silver 5 apply'd to them very soon and iv not cleaned fans for a few months,
with the 445m running so cool what do you think a little tweak ????

thanks for any advice
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Get a cooling pad for it. I love the cooler master u2 cooling pad! Also just use evga precision or MSI afterburner. I was able to get my 420m to 550m speeds, although it wasn't much of a difference depending on the game. Lol valley1.0 will get like 7fps. Lol
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thanks for reply planing on getting pad for the summer iv bookmarked the cooler master looks coool with adjustable fans
can i ask what temp increase did ur gfx card have with the clocking ?
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Its been awhile since I had my laptop on... Need to reinstall the os. I believe I had around a 5c increase. Then I spent a ton of time trying to mod the cooler to make it work better and use better thermal paste. It dropped about 5c after my mods and then the cooling pad dropped temps about 3-5c so I went from about 80c to about 70c max...
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thats my all the delivery installed 16 gb ram 750gb hybrid momemtus xt drive .

re-installed windows 7 home prem (ala 16gig) and all apps/games (fcuking cod ghosts installed from disk and still had 25gb+ download ontop from the very nice people at steam -not what i would of typed last night - ?????? why the gfx sucks on this game ???????)

anyway windows startup 21 sec's nice (: with apps etc loaded smile.gif so really happy thumb.gif

with this setup do i need page-filling unsure with the new drive #

next step clocking the 445m PLeAsE HeLP !!!!!!!!! -il get the arctic paste applyed jan/feb -

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