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Hi all,
this is my configuration for OC
i3570k MSI Z77A-GD55 and cpu cooler Macho rev A
max temp stees with "IntelBurnTest 10 run max ram (7300Mb)" 63° 74° 71° 74°

is correct configuration?
I would like to get to 4.5

Thank and sorry for my English

Cpu base frequency: 10000
Adjust cpu ratio: auto
Adjust cpu ratio in os: disabled
Internal pll overvoltage: disabled
EIST: enabled
Intel turbo boost: enabled
Enhanced turbo: enabled
Dram Regence Clock: Auto
Dram frequency: Auto
Dram Timing Mode: Auti
Memory Fast Boot enabled
Spread spectrum: disabled
CPU Core Vdroop Offset Control: +87.5
digital compensation level: high
Cpu core OCP expander: enhanced
CPU core Switchin frequency: Auto
Cpu core voltage: 1.235v
Cpu I/0 Voltage: Auto
DRAM Voltage: Auto
GPU Voltage: Auto
System Agent Voltage (SA): Auto
Cpu PLL voltage: 1.65v

Sottomenu Cpu featurs:
Limit cpuid maximum: disabled
Execute disable bit: enabled
Intel virtualization tech: disabled
Power technology: custom
C1E support: enabled
Overspeed protection: disabled
Intel c-state: Disabled
Long duration power limit: 255
Short duration power limit: 255
Primary/Secondary plane current limit: 250
1 core ratio limit: 45
2 core ratio limit: 45
3 core ratio limit: 44
4 core ratio limit: 43

Menu ECO
EuP 2013: Disabled
CPU Phase Control: Disabled
Motherboard LED control: Auto
C1E support: Enabled
Intel C-State: Disabled