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Why did my pcb get fried ???

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Hi guys.
I was wondering if anyone of you encounter'd or know anyone ho has encounter'd what i have
namely a short circuit on the pcb, right behind (somewhat under) the power connector on the right side - see picture.

At the time of the incident i was watching YouTube, my card wasn't in an OC state and hadn't bin for a week.
Also my temps where never above 76c OC and the only thing i changed was the Thermal past. ( improved temps by +- -6c )

I have send the card of for rma and about a month later i recieved an email from the store saying
they won't replace the card sad-smiley-002.gif. They probably suspect a faulty psu, but i'm running Crossfire HD67**'s atm.
without problems. I explain'd my situation and they say'd they will replace it. I will believe it when it's deliver'd at my doorstep.

I asked this in the Tahiti LE owners tread but so far no response. I really want to know so it doesn't happen again if i can help it.
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I see you got the Corsair TX 650w PSU, which is a single rail type PSU. Single rail PSU's are nowadays absolute retarded, because you trade away a security layer for OC potencial only extreme overclockers need. Don't know what caused the short (lightning, malfunction of the PSU, mixed up cables after sleeving, ^^), but you can really be glad if they replace your broken card. blushsmiley.gif

If you wanna learn something about single vs. multi rail, have a read: Single Rail vs. Multi Rail *Explained*

As always, pictures speak more than thousand words. Here's a little experiment with a Corsair 1200W single rail PSU where they test it's short protection:

To be on the safe site I would replace the PSU with a multi rail one, BeQuiet DARK POWER PRO 10 f.e. You can switch on this PSU between single/multi rail in case you really need single rail for insane OC later. It also has a extra security feature that the Corair doesn't have, OTP (over temperature protection) on top of the higher multi rail security & runs more quiet. Imo BeQuiet is atm the best you can get.

If you love your hardware & don't want to burn down your house, avoid single rail PSU's in the future. thumb.gif
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Well maybe there is something to it. Anyway great post.
Gets you thinking alright. I still wonder if someone has seen this before ?
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