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i've build several rigs before (4 in the past two years) but my brother has just asked me to make him a 'litecoin' mining rig. Basically 2x HD7950. I've only really made rigs for gaming before, so I have no idea what other components to get. As cheap as possible, whatever can power those two cards, a cpu that won't bottleneck them, and the cheapest mobo that can handle 2 (or even 3) of these gfx cards. One advantage of him having this rig is that his company pays for the energy bills, so there's zero energy cost. If litecoins become a useless venture, then he'd use it for folding@home.

Any suggestions?

Afaik litecoin mining doesn't benefit from raw cpu power much, so just enough cpu to get the 7950's computer. Thanks for ideas.