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Wacky Cooler Suggestions? CPU+GPU

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Hey all,

Been running my Phanteks PH-TC14PE for quite a while now and to tell the truth I seriously get bored of components quickly wink.gif

I was thinking about water cooling but I like the plain air coolers, I think they stand out more wink.gif wondering if anyone's got any cool CPU and GPU looking cooler ideas? The standard tower designs are a bit boring now so looking for something, well, unusual tongue.gif

Here's two I've seen which have caught my eye:

CPU: Prolimatech Genesis
GPU: Alpenfohn Peter

I'm not sure the GPU cooler will fit.

Anyhow, looking for decent performs for my I7-3770 (can't overclock so don't matter). In the future a K version may be on the list but for now really don't have any need to overclock.

Also been looking at the Coolermaster V8 GTS (new)

Anything wacky to be honest wink.gif
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CoolClouds SuperCool prototype pictured below

The specifications are:

Type Liquid-Air cooled
Fins Aluminum
Cold Plate Copper micro channels
Size 50 x 125 x 165 mm
Weight 800 grams
Power 12V, 0.6 amps
Noise 20 - 40 dBA
4-Pin fan 800 - 2500 rpm
Performance 300W at 65C case temp (assumes 25C ambient)
Orientation Any, with no Degradation
Environment -40C to 60C operational, no degradation over the temperature range
Warranty 2 years
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