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So I've been considering around the ear wireless noise cancellation or noise isolating headphones, and someone has offered to get me a pair for Christmas if I wanted them enough since they'd help me with a medical condition. I have scar tissue on my ear drums from infections and tubes when I was little, which makes me hyper sensitive to noises. I can hear a train coming about 10 to 3 minutes before anyone else. Kids think I have superhuman hearing like Superman. biggrin.gif Sharp noises give me a headache though. Like laughing right next to me, banging dishes, or setting a coffee cup on a tile counter hard will give me an instant headache. I like to write and I want to go back to school soon which will require quiet in order to study. I've been thinking about this for a few months now.

I've spent some time online looking at them and I really haven't found much. I'd like to know what it would cost to get a good pair that are well made, not cheap plastic like the ones by Bose. I saw some made by Logitech but unfortunately they only work with USB devices and actually need a cord to plug into an audio jack, so there is no way I'm getting those. Too bad.

Seriously I'm really bad with cords. Every time I've owned a pair of corded headphones, I've managed to rip them off my head by snagging the wire on something. My arm, a chair, an article of clothing, etc. In many cases I've damaged them as a result or ripped the wires right out. So I can't get anything corded.

I know the difference and trade offs between noise cancellation and noise isolation... but which do you guys think is better for my condition?

I haven't gotten a good feel for what my options are either, everything I've seen is either cheap plastic junk that has no durability (Bose) or is just way over priced. I'm not even sure who sells these? I've never been to musician stores like Guitar Center, do they have these on display where you can test them or do I need to go to some kind of music boutique store to try them? What are your experiences with noise cancellation vs noise isolation wireless around the ear headphones? Who do you think makes the best ones vs price point? By that I mean the way they function and the quality of which their made including durability and material strength (no cheap thin plastic that easily breaks).
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