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Help Overclocking 3930k

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Hi guys

motherboard : MSI X79A gd45 (8D)

i wanna oc my cpu but i am stuck at 4.6ghz with 1.392 voltage and also it gave blue screen after 5 hours.and the temps were 79 degreees.So if i try to go further the temps will get worse.

am i doing something wrong?

pll voltage is at 1.35

VSSA is at 1.220

vcore is 1.430 it gets 1.392 under load.

i only play with cpu ratios i set it up on 46x 46*100=4600mhz also in the cpu-z my bus speed seems 99.98mhz not exactly 100 or 99.99mhz.is that normal or is it a problem being 99.98mhz?

by the way incresing bus speed different from playing only with cpu clock ratios?

if i am stuck at 4.6ghz with 1.435 ,can i decrease voltage and ratio like from 46 to 45 and set the bus speed to 110 or 120?does it make any difference?i mean may i provide stability by decresing cpu ratio and voltage a little bit and increasing bus speed on mother board and increasing any other voltages except the vcore?

what settşngs or voltages should i use without increasing the vcore anymore?
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Lower the PLLto 1.3 and your VCSSA is WAY too high, try something much lower like .905 or lower. keep your bus speed at 100mhz don't mess with that until you're fully stable. Also what is your VTT at?

Also if you can set your CPU to stock real quick and tell is what VCORE you have at load with optimized defaults. This will tell us what kind of chip you have, typically better overclocking chips will have a very low VCORE at load on stock settings. Just was wondering what your is.
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I am gonna check the default speed underload voltage and let you know again.by the way i am using it in 4.3ghz with power saving features enabled fully stable.and it is taking 1.312 voltage under load at 4.3ghz.

From that do i need to hit 4.6 and over? I mean does it worth it to go from 4.3ghz to 4.6 or 4.7ghz?
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all depends on what you really use the machine for...... this chip at stock is a monster. the thing with overclocking.... it's never enough until you hit your max that the chip can possibly do and then maybe just maybe you'll be satisfied! redface.gif
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Okay smile.gif

Here is the question
what if you were me? What would you do ? smile.gif)
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what i do it find a clock that is good that i can get on low voltage... like 4.5 try to get it tuned on lowest volts possible. then it gives you an idea what it will need for 4.6 etc.

for me its

4.6 1.280v

4.8 1.366v

5.0 1.434v
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