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Hello guys,
i own a gtx 660 signature 2 ftw with 3Gb of memory and unlocked it by myself first and then after the guide but im not getting the results i hoped for.

So when i put the voltage to 1,21 V and the power to 130 or 150 or 170 % without raising the core clock using precision x or afterburner(didnt try another) the nvidia driver crashes
and sometimes takes windows with it, so i tried lowering the voltage and could only get some good results with voltages under 1,1875 V but only reached 1150 mhz until it went unstable.

So i followed this guide
Without altering anything and simply starting Nvidia hair it crashes like before but its running at 1.21 V.

I have been thinking this is due to board limitation, im using an asrock z77 extreme 4.

Also im using windows 8 and i think afterburner isnt working that well because even with locked voltage it doesnt "read" the core offset and stays at 1046 Mhz.