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Qnix QX2710 dropping frames in dual monitor mode

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So I recently received my Qnix and it overclocked straight to 115hz (running @ 96hz atm though) and I'm planning to upgrade the DVI cable to see if I can reach 120hz. However I have a problem that my Qnix is dropping frames if I have my 23" Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 (1080p @ 60hz) connected as well. I've tested @ http://www.testufo.com/#test=frameskipping and Refreshrate Multitool. The site shows me that it's running @ 48 FPS and it's basically missing every other frame it seems. Also if I run any games in windowed mode with v-sync turned on they run @ 48 FPS, but in fullscreen it goes all the way to 96FPS. It seems to be dropping frames though. If I disable the secondary monitor there's no frames skipping and both the website tool and the Refresrate Multitool confirms that.

So is there any solution to fix the problem, other than disabling the secondary monitor? Is it possible to run my secondary monitor through my iGPU for example? I tried it and couldn't get it work, but that could be just me not knowing how to do it.

Here's some specs:

CPU: i7-3770k
GPU: Asus GTX 670 2GB
MoBo: Asus P8Z77-V LK
Memory: 16GB 1600hz
Monitors: Qnix QX2710 @ 96-115hz & Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 @ 60hz
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I just realized that I could add some pictures too so here they are:

First picture showing the results with the secondary screen connected and the second picture showing the result of the same test with the secondary monitor disabled. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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This exact same thing happens to me. I have to disconnect my second monitor to achieve the desired results with the QNIX.
It's not altogether unexpected though. Most likely a limitation of my GPU, since I'm only running a single 680.

Edit: My QNIX runs a stable 60Hz with both monitors connected if I don't try to use any overclocking profiles. Does yours? Or is it dropping frames even then?
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Without overclocking the monitor it runs stable without dropping any frames even with the second monitor connected. The monitor itself is fine and they are not known for dropping frames and that's of course confirmed by it working like a charm with the second monitor disconnected. I personally don't think it's the GPU power being the limiting factor as it runs just fine if I leave the Qnix to 60hz. It's kinda annoying to be forced to disconnected the second monitor to achieve the desired oc results without any frame skipping.
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Hmm, I agree with your conclusion. Mine drops frames with any custom profile if I leave my LG connected. That can't be right.
I'd like a solution to this as well.
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Windows key + P. Also your NOT skipping frames, the test produces in-accurate results when ran with more than 1 monitor active that has a different refresh rate. This has been gone over a total of 8 times in the main thread. Please go take a look there and you will find your answers and you will stop posting mis-information.

You could have a 75hz monitor native connected with a 60hz native monitor and the UFO test and the refreshrate multitool will FALSELY report dropped frames.

EDIT: Search "dropped frames two monitors" or "multi monitors frames" in the Qnix clucb thread.
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Yes, both frame skipping tests (Multitool and TestUFO) behaves weird on multimonitor sometimes.
And applications will often drop frames too, when using multimonitor at different refresh rates, too.

When using TestUFO Frame Skipping ( www.testufo.com/frameskipping ), make sure you test as the primary monitor, and in Windows Aero mode, with nothing else running (no apps, no other browser tabs). Then it becomes very reliable in Chome and Opera browsers on the Windows Vista/7/8 platforms.
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