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hello to all,
I am a owner of a video card asus gtx 760 that I installed in my pc assembled with motherboard Asus P5Q -pro intel quad core cpu Q9550 4 mhz x3200
600 w power supply , unfortunately, I have seen through the sw AIDA64 that the gtx 760 cuda cores do not work and therefore renders the gpu not my video .
a technician of a well-known computer store told me that the problem comes from the slowness of the bus PCI Express 1x on my motherboard Asus P5Q - Pro and to a lesser extent by the cpu in use see quadcore Q9550 oc 4x3200 .
last night I tried to install the nvidia beta drives well , but the result is not ' changed , and I do not know how to fix it .
the strange thing that gpu -z tells me that the cuda are enabled but in fact do not work I am afraid that this is a bug ..
as a program for encoding video using any video converter the same setup works beautifully on a netbook lenovo z500 where cuda / pysic work in an excellent way with values ​​
measured by AIDA64 equal to 70-80% of the GPU , again with the latest drivers nvidia on windows 8.1
I think that the speed of the bus and the type of cpu i7 impattino positively on the overall performance .
proveroì to turn also to the team of developers sw any video converter, and fi 'know .
I think that the problem be in will be useful to many of you, and as a result I'd like to know what you think? ?
a curiosity ' since I replaced the old gt9800 with the gtx 760 power director 12 and ' become slow and unstable , seem ' strange but it' so .
I look forward to the v.s answers.
thank you very much marco from italy sorry about my bad english