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finalizing build

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Not sure which 1/2 ID 3/4OD tubing to get.. I have heard alot of things
Such as not to get anything with plasticizer in it.. but that is pricey and apparently really difficult to cut.
I want black or clear or silver etc
also what D5 pump top to get...
and fittings

Looking at EK fittings, bitspower bloodred fittings, primochill ghosts

for fluid I am, gonna use Ice dragon
also for a res I am upgrading a 40 water tank z with a larger cylinder.. 400 to be exact.. and was wondering whether or not I needed any fancy fittings to prevent cycloning,http://www.frozencpu.com/products/11865/ex-tub-715/Bitspower_G_14_Silver_Shining_Aqua-Pipe_II_BP-WTP-C18.html?tl=g30c97s169?

I don't want my parts to corrode

gonna cool some gtx 680s a r4e and a 3930k eventually. but getting my graphics cards done for now
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How do I Link my waterblocks for 1-4-7 3way sli?
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