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Hey Guys and Gals,

I am new hear and I have got several questions. Before I say anything let me tell you a little bit about my system. I have an ASROCK 960GM MB with and AMD FX 6300 Vishera. This system is cooled by air and cooking oil all in a 5 gallon aquarium tank that I put together myself for the sole purpose of optimum cooling without spending too much money. The thing is, I cannot get a handle on overclocking. No matter how hard I try, the system still wants to run passed 60 and I cannot figure out why. At the moment, my CPU frequency is set to 1.2 volts and the NB Frequency is set to x20.5. I did not mess with the HT link or bus speed so it is set at stock. The CPU is set to 4.0 GHZ and there is nothing wrong with the air flow or oil flow. My problem is, I know that when I had my old CPU and MB, my system ran cooler at about 50*. Why is my systems heat so high? Does it have something to do with the frequency, NB frequency/multiplier, or is it because it is a newer MB and CPU? Thanks for the help in advance.