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Originally Posted by QAKE View Post

Let's mod!!! Received my babies today

Nice man! Where can we read the log? rolleyes.gif

Anywho, it's time to break the news: the build is finally completed yessir.gif
Right now it's leak testing (and getting rid of a zillion micro-bubbles) but it sure does look promising.

Worked pretty much all week on it to get it finished, spend two days soldering all the wires, had to paint the rads and had a real struggle to get everything to fit again.
Especially since this case has no cablemanagement-features of sorts, at a time it looked like this:

But that black dampening material sure does it's job at least hiding the 20-some wires going up in front (mostly from the front-panel)

Did have quite a struggle with the kryographics, had it opened up to clean it out, but couldn't get it to seal again. At the edge near the ports it just wouldn't close up. After lots of swearing, gently cleaning the o-ring and making sure the groove was clean it still wouldn't seal. So I figured, what the hell, and bent the metal retaining plate so it would put more pressure right between the two bolts, which actually worked redface.gif
It didn't really get up to what you'd expect, but I figured .5 bar is plenty, no way my pumps are pushing 5m head pressure at max in this unrestrictive loop, let alone in 'quiet mode'. Will definitely do an extensive session of leak-testing though, just to be sure ninja.gif

The red-back ATX-cable is just there temporarily (it's pumping 12v into the ATX-cable) and I see I still have to plug in my GPU and connect the heatpipe for the backplate, but other than that it's pretty much done.

Sorry for the crappy pics, don't have anything else but my good-ol' 4S redface.gif
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Din't expect to see anymore updates, good to see it isn't dead in the water.

Looks great btw, can't wait to see some more pictures. thumb.gif
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Thanks, it's just been a busy time, but those days are over now biggrin.gif

Got it up and running and surprisingly enough everything still works. Although a switched-off psu almost gave me a heard attack.. must have accidentally switched it off when plugging in it's power cable.

Only problem I'm now facing is that the front panel doesn't seem to work. I got myself a front-panel cable from someone but it doesn't seem to work, at least, the power button and LED don't. Hope I can still get that to work otherwise I'll have to make a makeshift button somewhere. Don't really feel like opening my case every time I want to boot my pc... rolleyes.gif

I'm pretty amazed by the cooling capacity btw, I'm running a deltaT of about 7 degrees (with still lots of air in the system, a bugger to get out with this setup) and my fans run around 200 rpm while running max-heat prime. With furmark they settle at a still very cozy and quiet 500 rpm.

Another fun fact, there only went little over a liter of water into the system. I knew it wouldn't be much but this little... tongue.gif
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I'm glad to announce that the front-panel is fixed. Actually was the connector at the panel itself that had gotten the slightest bit loose.
A good pry with a long stick got it to settle correctly and all the functions of the frontpanel are in perfect working order (except for the not-so-useful firewire port ofc)

Sadly enough not all problems are solved. I got an aquaero 5 (LT) lying in the belly of the computer to control the fans and other stuff.
Works great, even manages to make the RGB LED change color depending on the heat output of the system. Of course, I don't have any fancy meters connected to the aquaero, however, due to some crazy moment I planned to have 2 temp sensors in my loop. One before the rads and one after. Perfect to measure the deltaT over the loop, and since pump-speed is fixed, it perfectly represents the amount of heat put into the system.

Also, with the feature of the AX860i to digitally measure the wattage going into the system, I can even use it to (roughly) calculate the flowrate. Which is surprisingly high, since it's close to 1 GPM with both pumps set to setting 1. Which makes me glad cause I don't know why people call these D5's silent, cause I would call them anything but. Sure, they're pretty quiet, but no-where near in-audible above setting 1-2.

But yea, the problem. I figured, since I have the aquaero anyways, to use it as an emergency shutdown. In case the water gets too hot to shut down the computer hard. So I separated the green wire going to the MOBO (at least, I think it was the green one... damn corair using black wires altogether redface.gif) and let it run over the relay. However when I tried it just now I can hear the relay switch, but nada happens...
Sure hope I won't ever need that function, or regret that I didn't pull apart the whole PC to fix it rolleyes.gif
Cool to fix in the far-far-future, when I swap out the mobo/cpu anyways, but for now, just gonna keep my fingers crossed and pray for the best biggrin.gif
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